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About Us

Construction Consulting & Testing (CCT) is an independent geotechnical engineering, geoscience and materials testing firm established in 1996. Our professional services are focused toward the construction industry, including engineers, architects, private owners, government agencies, contractors, and material producers.

In order to meet our client’s needs and expectations our laboratories undergo annually the rigorous American Association of State Highways and Transportation Officials Accreditation Program and the Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory Accreditation Program. Our laboratory facilities are also inspected and certified by the Ohio and Michigan Departments of Transportation. These certifications and accreditations are not only a necessity to conduct work on publicaly funded projects, but they are also indicative of our organization’s commitment to maintaining high standards.

In addition to our accredited laboratories, we also have a diversified staff knowledgeable in facilitating the progress of all phases of construction and subsurface exploration projects. Our field and laboratory services are focused on providing real time information and recommendations to on-site project management. CCT’s professional staff are trained and experienced in Geotechnical and Pavement Engineering; Environmental Geoscience; Geological Consulting; and Construction Materials Testing.