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Professional Services

Environmental Geoscience Consulting

Construction Consulting & Testing provides a wide variety of geoscience services for site development and industry including Phase I Assessments, hydrological services and wetland delineations. Each individual project can present a new set of challenges, and our capabilities can satisfy your project's requirements.

Phase I Site Assessments
For new development sites requiring investigation, we offer Phase I Site Assessment services. Our investigation includes an intensive field study and in-depth property. Thorough analysis of the property affords a potential real estate purchaser an overall environment site assessment.

Hydrological Investigations
Our services encompass both field and modeling analysis. We offer well monitoring programs to property owners that wish to understand their groundwater conditions.

Wetland Services
Construction Consulting & Testing provides both site assessment and wetland delineation. Preliminary analysis determines whether wetlands are present and if further delineation is required. All delineations are performed with the current standards and procedures governed by the Army Corps of Engineers in their 1987 Wetland Delineation Manual.