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Professional Services

Geological Consulting & Subsurface Exploration

Our experienced subsurface exploration team can aid in determining the subsurface of a particular project. Our team of geologists can perform a variety of studies varying from hydrological to determination of substratum to geophysical investigations. Our varying experience can allow us to help your firm locate mineable resources, perform hydrological and geophysical studies, phase I investigations, or research a particular area.

Sand & Gravel Exploration
A broad range of research and field measurement activities are used to gather information about the location, size, quality, type, and nature of a sand and gravel deposit. The purpose of this exploration is to establish whether the deposit is suitable for development.

Mine Exploration
In the mining industry it is imperative to maintain quality control and reserve. Whether the target lithology is limestone, dolomite, quartzite, granite, sandstone, shale, or coal. Construction Consulting & Testing can delineate the reserve potential for all the of the previously mentioned lithologies. Further testing may be required to analyze the characteristics of the site.

Resistivity Studies
Typical applications include:

  • Site investigations for buildings, bridges, and other structures;
  • Vertical and horizontal extents of landfills;
  • Groundwater exploration;
  • Locating leakage from landfills and waste sites;
  • Bedrock surface mapping; and
  • Sand and gravel delineation.