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Professional Services

Geotechnical Engineering

Professional liability claims quickly expand to involve many project participants and geotechnical engineering can help minimize risk exposures. Responsible geotechnical engineering aids in understanding existing subsurface conditions at a given time. Despite that understanding, subsurface problems still are among the most prevalent on any construction project. This makes the approach to geotechnical engineering particularly important. It can mean the difference between a project which runs smoothly despite unanticipated conditions, and one which is plagued with delays, redesign, overruns, claims, and disputes. Our experience shows that the owner receives a better service, and the entire design team's risk exposure is reduced when consulting geotechnical engineers:

  • are selected based upon technical and professional competence, as well as their experience with area geology and similar types of construction;
  • serve as full members of the design team;
  • participate meaningfully in developing the scope of geotechnical recommendations; and
  • monitor construction activities for compliance with plans, specifications, and recommendations, and to provide prompt reaction to any unanticipated conditions which may be discovered.